About Kemen UK

Since their inception in 1990 Armas KEMEN have been part of the world elite in the manufacture of Best Shotguns. Using the best of modern and traditional manufacturing and craftsmanship, Kemen are built with quality and purpose in mind. Why settle for anything less than a Kemen.

Kemen Guns UK Armas Kemen
Elgoibar, Spain

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Factory Tour

If you want to know more or would like to test one of our range. Please use the contact section and we’ll get a brochure to you and will arrange a demonstration at the ground of your choice.
Build your gun
Design, build, fit. We invite you to our factory near Bilbao, Spain. Our craftsmen will guide you through our gun making process so you get the best gun possible.
Once your gun is almost complete you will be invited to have a second gun fit for final adjustments. Once complete you can test your new gun to make sure it’s perfect.
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