Kemen Eder Titanium

Lightness and strength. These are the words that best describe the Kemen Eder Titanium. A beautifully balanced gun that combines brilliant craftsmanship and modernity, crafted in one of the most resistant materials on earth: Titanium.

Both the sidelock and the forearm are designed from grade 5 titanium that is then hand-carved by our team of master gunsmiths and engravers. This painstakingly method creates a sporting shotgun that is capable of withstanding endurance tests way over 100,000 shots.

Every shooter is aware of the importance of balance. The ergonomics of our Eder forend is one of the factors that contribute the most when executing precise movements at the right moment before pulling the trigger.

Kemen want to help each shooter improve their performance and we’ve done this once again with the addition of our latest SGP (Supreme Grip Performance) forend. As with most Kemen components the SGP forend is created according to each clients specifications using the very best and strongest walnut.

Kemen Eder Titanium range starts at £17,5000 for our Standard KM4 model. Our Extra and Super Luxe A models start from £30,000. Pricing structure is set and will not change with direct contact with Armas Kemen. All pricing subject to 2023 exchange rate fluctuation.

Should you wish to know more about our Eder Titanium model, or if you’d like a demonstration in the field, simply send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Barrel Length : 70 to 81cm

Wood : Grade 5+

Choke : Fixed/Multi

Warranty : 10 Year Mechanical

Case : ABS + Leather

Extra : Ovals, Spares, Custom Engraving