Kemen Eder Steel

The Eder Steel model includes all the benefits of the KM4 embellished with fine engravings.

The Kemen Eder Steel is available in sizes 12, 20 and 28 developed on the legendary KM4 sidelock. Each Eder Steel shotgun will be unique to its owner. In acquiring a Eder Steel, the shooter will have a gun offering maximum precision and durability.

The quality of the wood is important for a gun with these characteristics. Kemen are especially meticulous when selecting the best quality wood to achieve an exquisite design.

The Eder Steel model Luxe A starts at £21,000, Super Luxe A £24,500. Pricing structure is set and will not change with direct contact with Armas Kemen. All pricing subject to 2023 exchange rate fluctuation.

Should you wish to know more about our Eder Steel model, or if you’d like a demonstration in the field, simply send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Barrel Length : 70 to 81cm

Wood : Grade 5+

Choke : Fixed/Multi

Warranty : Warranty

Case : ABS + Leather

Extra : Ovals, Spares, Custom Engraving