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Kemen Titanium Supreme

With this extraordinary model, our craftsman have attained a scale of perfection that consolidates and complies with the objectives set for the creation of a weapon of similar qualities, but also opens the way to levels of improvement thought of as virtually unattainable until now, and by using TITANIUM.

The Supreme model is considered by experts as one of the 10 best shotguns in the world. The success of the Supreme is based, amongst other factors, on the quality of the materials used, artisan manufacture and the precision in the manufacturing process.

Kemen Titanium Supreme range has many variants from our Extra Luxe to engraving styles. Prices for the Extra Luxe A start at £40,000 with engraving styles A/B & 2-10 adding extra costs. Pricing structure is set and will not change with direct contact with Armas Kemen. All pricing subject to 2023 exchange rate fluctuation.